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A company founded by an ideal. A dream of evolution. A country that is taken in the name as proof of pride and willingness to help everyone. Years of experience and learning form a vast knowledge in dredging and offer the most specific solutions possible since 2000. By carefully analyzing each case and providing maximum efficiency in each service, we have achieved the position of largest company in the industry.


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Diferenciais Dragagem Brasil


We live the innovation. Over the years, we have been pioneers in deploying new technologies. We strive to find resources to increase efficiency and reduce process costs. For us technology is economy!

Diferenciais Dragagem Brasil


We practice environmental responsibility by preserving natural resources by practicing proper waste disposal. Respecting the planet is a value to us! We follow the standards strictly.

Diferenciais Dragagem Brasil


We are specialists! This means that what we do, we do very well and since a long time ago. You are about to hire the largest company in the segment in Brazil, which has built a history of credibility and excellent results.

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