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World Environment Day

05 JUN

5 Jun – World Environment Day.

“The protection and improvement of the human environment is a fundamental issue that affects the well-being of people and the economic development of the world, an urgent desire of the people of the world and a duty of all governments.”

(Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment – 1972)

June 5 marks the date of the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm in the Swedish capital, known as the Stockholm Conference.

This event was the first to bring together representatives of governments and non-governmental institutions from over 100 countries to discuss important environmental issues such as acid rain, air pollution and the preservation of natural resources.

Any attitude serves as a celebration: planting a tree, organizing a forest or beach clearing effort, promoting recycling campaigns, reusing new objects, gathering people to rethink their attitudes, among many other things.

It is just a day to rethink attitudes and create new habits that should be part of everyday life, because if having a healthy environment is our right, taking care of the planet is also the duty of all.

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